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  • Value for money can be described as one of the new generation of sugar daddy sugar baby dating sites. Members and users of such sites are clear from the outset what they are looking for in a relationship, whether it be short term or long term, and are content to come to an arrangement with the other party. Romance may or may not be involved! But now ArrangementFinders has been merged into EstablishedMen.

Establishment and membership base

The website was founded in 2010 and is primarily for a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy or, put another way: all about wealthy older men looking for and dating very attractive younger women - on an arrangement basis. It is mainly aimed at people in the United States and in Canada and, accordingly, most members are from these two countries.

ArrangementFinders promotes itself as an online dating site where the beautiful and successful meet and offers connections to available, sugar daddies who, as part of a relationship, love to spoil and pamper their sugar babies. The site is relatively well known and has been advertised on Nightline and in Playboy and Time Magazine, plus been mentioned on some TV shows.

As with many similar sites, it's free to initially try out ArrangementFinders and get access to a variety of like-minded people all looking to find either a sugar daddy or a sugar baby as the case may be. Registration is straightforward and it's not necessary for users to complete long forms, but simply provide an email and enter a username followed by a password.

Interesting Features

  • ArrangementFinders allows other members to leave voicemail's on other users' profiles; each member receives a voicemail code, so that they may check their inboxes from their phone, without giving out their personal phone number.
  • The site also offers a "private gallery" option so that members can view others in private and there is a Q&A section on each user's profile. This can be as detailed as members wish and include details of how they'd treat their perfect sugar baby that they hope to find on the website, or their greatest achievement, their car, hobbies and so on.
  • Members can also give electronic gifts, such as a kiss of lipstick, chocolate hearts, and other special things. In addition, sugar babies can have the choice of selecting what they want and are interested in: travel, gifts, and/or a monthly allowance.

Verifying members

As with many sites, on ArrangementFinders sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect match and there have, apparently, been a number of complaints from sugar daddies who, when trying to set up a meeting with their selected sugar baby, are led on with excuses, or even asked to send money before meeting. It has also been said that some sugar babies offer to display themselves naked on a webcam in return for money, rather than have an actual personal meeting.

Membership packages

The cost of membership at ArrangementFinders is $79 per month - but this is only payable by men looking for their sugar baby. Sugar babies can join free which is often the case with other similar sugar baby/sugar daddy websites.


Security is always going to be an issue on any dating site and those such as ArrangementFinders which have an obvious "deal" involved may be prone to more deceit or less truth telling! Verifying that the person is who they say they are is hard and exercising a degree of prudence is wise.


Arrangement Finders does not pretend to be a site where users are going to find their loving perfect match. It is a specialised site essentially for wealthy sugar daddies looking for attractive sugar babies. Not only that, but parties are expected to come to an arrangement, rather than fall in love!

All well and good if that's what members are looking for!

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