How to Break up With a Sugar Daddy Gracefully

Break up With a Sugar DaddyBreaking up with a sugar daddy is a topic that most experts don't want to talk about, but in fact, how to end a relationship is a very important skill that every woman should learn. So in this article, you will learn how to break up with a sugar daddy when you have to do it.

If you are leaving...

Sometimes circumstances change and you need to leave your sugar daddy. For instance, maybe you are going to marry a millionaire celebrity who is followed by paparazzi, and you have to end your arrangement in order to make sure your marriage with the celebrity is safe. In this case, you need to end your arrangement with your sugar daddy. Now you really have to be careful because sugar daddies are rich and powerful men who can change anyone's world, so you don't want to become their enemies. And these are the top tips for you:

  • Make your sugar daddy feel it's his idea to end the arrangement. You can tell him that you are physically unwell, so you don't want to have sex anymore. Then you introduce him to other sugar babies so that he will be distracted quickly.
  • Make it clear that you still respect him and wish him well. When you end your arrangement, make sure you let your sugar daddy know that you always respect and admire him, so you wish him well in the future. Maybe he will become your future employer or professional reference?

If your sugar daddy is leaving...

If your sugar daddy needs to end the arrangement for some reason, you would be well-advised to be respectful at all times, because you never know what will happen in future - if you are able to handle the breakup well, he will consider you again in the future when he needs another arrangement. Your reaction is paramount. And here are the top tips for you:

  • Accept the fact that your sugar daddy's circumstances have changed and he needs to leave. Being more accepting helps you because it calms you down. If you reacts badly, he will only remember how terrible you are at the end and won't remember how sweet you were at the beginning. Therefore, a smart sugar baby always knows how to behave like a lady at all times.
  • Keep in touch with him, if possible. If you don't want to end the arrangement, but he wants to leave, you can probably still keep in touch with him if circumstances allow you to do so. You should only contact him occasionally, not frequently. For example, you can send him a text message on his birthday and on Christmas Eve. This will remind him of your beauty and delightful personality, so next time when he wants an arrangement, he will think of you immediately.

Key lessons:

  • Always accumulate gifts and allowance along the way rather than listen to a sugar daddy's promises. If you have got a sugar daddy, you should make sure he gives you allowance and gifts during the process, not “wait until your birthday/New Year's Day”. Only gifts and money that you've already received are real. His promises are not. So smart sugar babies always get things when they still can!
  • You can even talk about how to end the arrangement at the very beginning. Just like some rich men ask their brides to sign pre-nups, you can also discuss how the arrangement should end at the beginning of your sugar daddy relationship. At the initial stage of your arrangement, you need to talk about terms and conditions with your sugar daddy anyway, so you should choose a time when your sugar daddy is relaxed and happy, then you can discuss this key point with him, i.e. how the arrangement would end when circumstances change.

Now hopefully you are a more confident sugar baby who is in control of the situation!

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