Top 5 Cities to Find a Sugar Daddy in the UK

Although the United Kingdom isn't at its prime time now, there are still a large number of multi-millionaires and billionaires in this country. Which cities in the UK can you find sugar daddies?

Sugar Daddy UK

#1: London

As the capital of England, London is absolutely, positively the best city to find a sugar daddy. London is one of the biggest financial power centers of the planet, apart from offering an extremely extravagant lifestyle. It is said that nearly 50% of Englishmen on sugar daddy dating sites are from London. Apparently, so many wealthy guys live in London because this city offers the best career opportunities, powerful social circles and a luxurious lifestyle that meets millionaire men's needs.

#2: Manchester

A survey in the United Kingdom recently reveals that married men in Manchester are the least faithful husbands in this country. Interestingly, according to a major study of the world's leading sugar daddy site, rich men who are married are the least faithful husbands of them all. Indeed, a rich guy is always surrounded by attractive women who want him, so how can he resist the temptation when a hot woman opens her legs in front of him? Clearly, he can't. So, married sugar daddies are very common in Manchester.

#3: Birmingham

Birmingham is another big city in England and it's best characterized by a lot of wealthy men here. It is said that a growing number of millionaire guys in this city originally come from China and India, because the population of Asian immigrants is growing in Birmingham and many of them are successful businessmen. Therefore, if you are into Asian sugar daddies, you'll probably have good luck in Birmingham. Many sugar babies point out that Asian sugar daddies are usually more generous than western sugar daddies because in Asian culture, men are supposed to spoil and look after women.

#4: Glasgow

Glasgow has more than half a million people and there are many sugar daddies here. A surprising fact found by a sugar daddy dating website is that a lot of these successful men are interested in dating Asian women and South American women. So, if you are an Asian sugar baby or a brown sugar baby, you may want to get ready to visit Glasgow.

#5: Liverpool

Liverpool is a White-dominated city; as a result, this city's sugar daddies and sugar babies are mostly White. People here are quite traditional in terms of English culture and general lifestyle, yet when it comes to sugar dating, they are very open-minded. It is reported that members from Liverpool have doubled their number on a major sugar daddy dating site in 2018 and this number still growing rapidly in 2019. Obviously, more and more people are switched-on individuals who want to find arrangements and live their lives as they wish. Indeed, you are the most important person in the universe and you are only young once; make sure you live your life on your terms!

Which city do you live in and which city are you interested in? If you are still young (e.g. you are still in your 20s), you'd better invest in yourself now so that you'll get the benefits later in your life. Actually, your youth is your biggest asset because time is on your side and allows you to make big decisions to change your destiny. Remember to play to win rather than play not to lose, because most people only play not to lose and that's why most people are mediocre! Since you are reading this article, we know you aren't one of them. Welcome to the sugar dating community.

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