Looking for a Sugar Daddy: Older Sugar Daddy or Younger Sugar Daddy

Probably you are wondering how to get a sugar daddy so that your life can become sweeter. As an expert in the sugar dating industry, I'd like to clarify the differences between dating older sugar daddies and dating younger sugar daddies, so that you'll know which category is your type.

Older Sugar Daddy Younger Sugar Daddy

Older sugar daddies = old money; younger sugar daddies = new money. Let me explain. Old money means he has been rich almost all his life. In contrast, new money means he only became rich recently. In fact, being with old money is very different from being with new money - If you are dating an older sugar daddy, you'll notice that probably he has better taste, he is more relaxed and he is worldlier. However, if you are dating a younger sugar daddy (who happens to be new money), you'll probably see that he has a bigger ego, he has a tendency to show off and he wants to look good (unless he was born with money).

Older sugar daddies = lower sex drive; younger sugar daddies = higher sex drive. A man's sex drive is determined by his testosterone level. Science says that a man's testosterone level decreases as he gets older, so theoretically, older sugar daddies want less sex. If that's what you prefer, go for it. But if you want more sex with a sugar daddy, then probably dating a younger sugar daddy is better.

Older sugar daddies = more leisure activities; younger sugar daddies = more freedom. Because older sugar daddies have achieved enough success, they tend to enjoy life in a more relaxed way - they take the time to smell roses, have fun and savour pleasure. Many older sugar daddies are retired (or semi-retired), so they have lots of time for themselves and their sugar babies. Nevertheless, younger sugar daddies are still working on their careers, so they probably don't want to give you too much time. Yet that can be good news because that means you have more freedom and can do pretty much whatever you want in your spare time.

Older sugar daddies = more career opportunities; younger sugar daddies = more new ideas. If you are an ambitious sugar baby looking for career opportunities, then an older sugar daddy may help you more because he should have more connections in his network. Nonetheless, if you are looking for innovative ideas so that you can join the new rich, then probably a younger sugar daddy can cater for your needs.

By the way, when you are looking for a sugar daddy, apart from using sugar daddy dating sites, don't forget to check out senior dating sites as well, if you want to find an older sugar daddy who can spoil you, because many quality older sugar daddies also use senior dating websites which allow people over 30 years old to join. Therefore, if you are an older sugar baby, maybe using more than one tool to find a sugar daddy will increase your chance to succeed.

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