Is It Right for a College Sugar Baby to Find a Sugar Daddy

college sugar babySugar babies are usually college students that need some financial assistance to complete their studies. These are beautiful girls, with a good educational level that negotiate with mature men a dating/relationship agreement. Sugar babies commit to offering their Daddies their companion, providing them a girlfriend experience, being available for them anytime. These Daddies, usually professionals and businessmen of medium to high social-economical status, give them, in return, make their lives easier. They offer them a sophisticated lifestyle, pampering them with presents that may range from quality clothes, jewelry, a car, or even paying them the rent and/or giving them monthly financial aid, which allow them to complete their studies without needing to find low-paid part-time jobs or having to acquire huge debts.

Of course, many people see this practice as a subtle or not so subtle form of prostitution. However, although these arrangements usually involve material benefits for the girls, they do not always include sex. These arrangements are negotiable, and no one is forced to go beyond what has been agreed.

If we see it from a practical perspective, it makes sense for a sugar baby to find a sugar daddy that will treat her like a princess, give her a higher life-quality, give her the opportunity of traveling to exotics places, widening her cultural baggage and relief her from the financial burden? All of which will provide her with an enriched perspective on life, on the real-world, broadening her horizons. All of these while allowing her to focus on her studies.

Most sugar babies end up with such agreements as soon as the get their university degrees, and are ready to step into the professional world with a widened mindset and an ample set of social skills.

Some other sugar babies even continue maintaining their relationships with their sugar-daddies after graduation. They simply realized that they liked the lifestyle, opportunities and freedom that such arrangements gave them, and, additionally, found a way to maintain a hazel-free relationship with a gentleman that values them, respects them, and doesn't demand more from them than what they are willing to give.

Of course, sugar girls know that these relationships are based on a deal, not in romantic love. Still, they relate they feel cared about and protected even at a personal and emotional level.

So, if the sugar baby knows what she wants in life, what she wants to achieve or how she wants to live, it seems to be an acceptable and intelligent way of achieving their goals in an enjoyable manner.

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