Interview with Sugar Daddy Luke: Tips and Suggestions

Sugar Daddy LukeSugar daddy Luke is a successful entrepreneur from Melbourne. He has had many arrangements since 2001. Now this generous gentleman is here to share some sugar daddy dating tips and suggestions with us.

Q: As an experienced and successful sugar daddy, what is the No. 1 tip that you can share with men who want to be sugar daddies?

A: I suggest that all sugar daddies keep their promises. If a sugar daddy can't keep his promise, he will have no sugar baby in his arms. So sugar daddies should be proactive and ask sugar babies questions like "Is there anything specific that you need?" Then make sure that you actually satisfy your sugar baby, e.g. helping her with tuition fees, shopping, car, etc.

Q: What is your No. 1 tip for women who want to be sugar babies?

A: A sugar daddy with a higher net worth isn't necessary the man who gives his sugar baby more allowance. In fact, a sugar daddy's generosity is more important than his net worth. So sugar babies would be well-advised to identify the generous gentlemen rather than blindly look for men with more net worth. Never settle for a stingy dude.

Q: What kind of sugar baby do you like most?

A: I like a sugar baby who wears makeup but not too much makeup, because I like women who look after their looks, but I don't like to kiss lipstick which tastes like wax. Also, I like sugar babies that are candid and straightforward, as that saves time and energy, thereby making life easier.

Q: What advice would you give sugar babies who are dating sugar daddies that are married?

A: If you are dating a married sugar daddy, make sure you don't send text messages to his phone! You don't want his wife and children to see the text messages. So the best way to communicate with your sugar daddy is to email him - nice, easy and safe. In fact, married sugar daddies are often better sugar daddies, because they are less clingy, less needy and more generous. Besides, a married sugar daddy is usually okay with it if you have more than one partners.

Q: What if a sugar baby has children?

A: If you have children, don't mention your children until you have already built a connection with your sugar daddy. Never introduce your sugar daddy to your children. If your sugar daddy was brought up by a single mum, he will respect you even more if he knows you are a single mum too.

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