Top Five Picks When Looking For a Sugar Daddy

looking for a sugar daddyWhen it comes to looking for a sugar daddy, it pays to know about the best sugar daddy websites and the types of sugar you are likely to find. Just as there are varying types of people in all relationships, the same is true for sugar daddies. However, the following are the top five picks for the types you are likely to encounter.

New Sugars

Like you, there are also newbie sugar daddies out there. Typically, you'll see these gentlemen offer lower allowances than the average, but that shouldn't make you run for the hills. Keep in mind he is still finding his way, and he has likely heard horror stories that he is trying to avoid. Rather than demanding more right off the bat, give him a chance to warm up to being a sugar daddy before you look elsewhere.

The Older Man

It is true that many sugar daddies are of the more mature crowd, but that can certainly have its benefits. These men typically know exactly what they want, and their success in life has made them the perfect option for a sugar baby. However, you do need to keep in mind that older does not mean you can treat him badly or forget that his time is just as important as yours. Whether your older gent is looking for fun or wants a long-term arrangement, make sure you stick with schedules and never, ever nag - otherwise he'll just move on to someone else.

The Silver Fox

There are some sugar daddies that just want to have fun - they don't want commitments or binding legal relationships. These men love spending on their sugar babies, providing they don't try to make them change their playing ways.

The Young Daddy

While a relatively recent addition, the younger men are also great choices for a sugar daddy. These young guys don't want to deal with the drama and emotions that plague many other young relationships, so they spread their wealth in sugaring instead. Just make sure you understand that its still an arrangement, regardless of his age, and make sure you are both benefitting appropriately.

The Married Man

Many sugar daddies are married, so you will need to prepare yourself to be the other woman. Just keep in mind that many of these taken men have wives who fully support their sugaring ways, even though others clearly see it as cheating. Just make sure you don't expect all his time, or to meet his family!

These are the top five picks for sugar daddies. While one type may appeal to you more than another, keep in mind that trying out the various types just might help you discover the perfect arrangement for you and your sugar daddy. Now, you can move on to the top sugar daddy websites so you can get started finding the perfect man or woman that will offer the commitment level you both are looking for, and be willing to give you that sizable allowance!

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