How to Receive Allowance Without Having Sex with Sugar Daddies

Okay. You would be glad to know that not all sugar daddies expect you to have sex with them! In fact, at the beginning of the arrangement, you can even set up terms and conditions which include "I am happy to do XYZ with you, but I don't have sex with you." Before you find a sugar daddy, you would be glad to read this article first - this is particularly useful for an ambitious sugar baby like you.

Get Allowance From Sugar Daddy

  • Why some sugar daddies don't want to have sex: Indeed, many sugar daddies are not even looking for sex! That's because a lot of older men can't even have sex anymore. Even though some of them still can have sex, they know they can't last that long in bed any longer, so they wouldn't be bothered - more importantly, they don't want to be laughed at by you! They don't want to be seen as the worst lover ever in your experience! So if you tell them you don't have sex with them (but you'll do other activities with them), they may even secretly be thankful for that!
  • How does "no sex" work? So you may wonder, “Why do these sugar daddies still want to have sugar babies? What for?” All right. Here is the answer: Sugar daddies enjoy the companion of young and attractive women; sugar daddies want you to attend some social events with them so that other men will envy them and secretly believe they are still powerful in bed (although it's not true)! Yes, men need that kind of validation! They want to look good!
  • An example that proves "no sex" works: Christine, a sugar baby from Miami, told us that she receives about $2000 from three sugar daddies each week in total, simply by going out with them and attending social events with them. Indeed, if you don't have sex with sugar daddies, it's much easier to have more than one sugar daddy, which actually allows you to receive more allowance! Meanwhile, you can have more fun by going to more social events to meet more powerful people who will help you with your career!

Christine says she has been to almost every classy and expensive restaurants and bars in Florida and she gets paid to do that! Her advice is: always directly tell sugar daddies that you don't have sex with them first, but at the same time, make sure that sugar daddies can see you are a high-value woman who is not only physically attractive, young and beautiful, but also intelligent and good at conversations on social occasions. Because Christine looks like a model and she is very well-educated and worldly, that works really well for her. So now you can see that sugar daddy dating is actually easier than you think, and finding a sugar daddy isn't hard either if you watch this space where we teach you how to do it properly and successfully.

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