Seeking Arrangement's Founder Brandon Wade Makes Women's Life Sweeter

Brandon WadeBrandon Wade, founder and CEO of and, is the world's leading sugar dating expert. He is well-known for his philosophies such as "being financially free and generous is the key to successful love life" and "being a sugar daddy is a lifestyle which should be enjoyed by men who are happy to add value to their partners' lives".

Seeking Arrangement is the world's pioneering sugar daddy dating site because it is best characterized by the special feature of allowing sugar babies to directly indicate their price for a date. This is a unique feature that other sugar daddy dating sites don't have. As a result, SeekingArrangement attracts a large number of mature and sophisticated women who are looking for "arrangement" rather than "daddy" in particular.

Indeed, Seeking Arrangement also has sugar mommas who are looking for sugar babies. For example, many successful and generous mature women use SeekingArrangement to find mutually beneficial relationships with young and attractive men.

In the community of Seeking Arrangement, there are more than five million active members: approximately 4 million sugar babies and 1 million sugar daddies & sugar mommas. These members come from 139 different countries all over the world. Therefore, it can be seen that SeekingArrangement is indeed the world's leading sugar daddy dating site. In the long term, it has the potential to rank No. 1 if various factors are considered.

Because women can indicate how much they charge for a date on this site, SeekingArrangement is the most effective and efficient sugar daddy dating website in the world. Being so straightforward and direct saves the hassle of asking for allowance and negotiation with a sugar daddy after meeting him. In other words, if a sugar daddy can't afford to pay you, he wouldn't meet you in person in the first place. That's why SeekingArrangement works incredibly well and serves women perfectly.

Brandon Wade also hosts major sugar babies' summits and parties in big cities such as London. This is a special opportunity for sugar babies to meet and support each other. Also, a variety of experts are invited to speak at these conferences so that sugar babies can be well-informed and improve their dating skills as well.

Brandon Wade has been featured in mainstream media, e.g. ABC, CNN, Dr. Phil, and so forth. He has transformed people's views about dating and relationships, i.e. instead of being drained by traditional relationships which are full of drama and mental games, sugar relationships are honest, simple and sweet.

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