Tinder's New Secret Feature for Sugar Daddy Dating

Are you aware of Tinder's new secret feature Tinder Select? That's right. Tinder has recently released a new feature that only allows the rich and the beautiful to join. But what exactly does Tinder Select offer? This article will compare Tinder Select with traditional sugar daddy dating sites as well as other millionaire dating sites, so that you will understand how these work.

Tinder Hookup

  • Many comments claim that Tinder Select is a sugar daddy site because there seems to be many gold diggers looking for sugar daddies to hook up in Tinder Select. Well, actually, Tinder Select is far away from a sugar daddy app, as you can't even join Tinder Select if you are not invited by members in this secret feature. According to a recent report, Tinder Select manually choose rich and beautiful members to use this secret feature, and Tinder encourages existing Tinder Select members to recommend other rich and sexy singles to join this group. In other words, if you are not handpicked by Tinder Select, or if you don't know anyone who is already using Tinder Select, you will never be able to join Tinder Select. Yes, Tinder doesn't even want you to know that they offer Tinder Select service now unless you are rich and/or famous.
  • Compared with Tinder Select that limits your opportunities, SeekingArrangement and SugarDaddyMeet are way more experienced in offering sugar daddy dating services because these two sites have been in the sugar dating market for a very long time. Apparently, traditional sugar daddy dating websites are still winning in every single way, so you'd better save yourself some time and energy and join sugar dating sites such as SeekingArrangement and SugarDaddyMeet as opposed to using Tinder Select which doesn't even want you to be there.
  • Is Tinder Select a millionaire dating site? Not really. A real millionaire dating site should encourage all millionaires and ambitious singles to join. But Tinder Select doesn't want every millionaire to be there. By the way, if you are not rich or famous, you can't join Tinder Select no matter how ambitious you are. Therefore, Tinder Select isn't really a millionaire dating app either.
  • Millionaire Match is still the best millionaire dating site in the world, although Tinder Select starts to look like a millionaire dating app. Because Tinder doesn't have enough experience in terms of millionaire dating, Tinder Select can't serve a large number of members. That's why professional millionaire dating sites such as Millionairematch.com is still the right platform for you to date millionaires in record time.
  • Tinder Select was secretly developed by Tinder, but because its user number is really small, it doesn't really look like a real sugar daddy dating site or a millionaire dating site at all. Although Tinder Select has attracted some media coverage, it still hasn't justified why this feature can benefit a lot of people yet. As a result, dating sites that have already niched down are doing much better in almost every way.
  • Ask the following questions to see whether a dating site is valuable or not: 1) Does this site have a lot of members? A large number of users indicates social proof as well as a bigger chance of finding an ideal match. 2) Does this site have a specific niche? A generic dating site is more likely to have more messy members, whereas a specific dating site such as a sugar daddy dating site has more high-quality members. 3) Does this site have more positive reviews than negative reviews? If a dating site has more positive reviews on the Internet, it's more likely to be a reliable website.

Now you have understood how to choose the right dating site to find a sugar daddy. Good luck!

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