Top 5 Countries to Date a Sugar Daddy

new york cityWhen it comes to dating a sugar daddy, the most difficult part may be in finding them. Depending on where you live, the number of sugar daddies that are available may not be enough for them to be easily found. This is because every community is different as well as every country. Often, it does not really matter about the size of the country so much as how it can generate the type of sugar daddies that so many younger women enjoy dating.

Of course, there are five countries in particular that stand out from the rest mostly because they have the right combination of economy, resources and opportunity that has allowed for sugar daddy dating to be created. A sugar daddy is by nature an ambitious man who has spent a considerable amount of time building up his fortune.


The United States is still the place where fortunes are made out of the vast opportunities that are present. While the economy may not be as vibrant as it was back in the 1980s and 1990s, there are still plenty of fortunes being made and sugar daddies have always been in abundance. For the younger woman seeking out a sugar daddy, the combination of the right sugar daddy dating sites combined with being in cities where major financial transactions are being made offers the best chances for meeting an older man who is well-to-do and is waiting for someone like you.


The land down under has also enjoyed economic good times with plenty of opportunities as well. For the young lady who is looking for love, cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne offer plenty of great opportunities to meet the older man who has earned his financial fortune. Australia has a wonderful combination of a great climate and wonderful places to live which makes finding sugar daddies even more enjoyable.


The United Kingdom is still a center for finance and investment which makes them the perfect place to find a sugar daddy. While their economy may struggle at times, it is the focus on business and finances that has kept the UK near the top of the list. In addition, the UK is a remarkable place to live with a stunning mixture of history combined with modern entertainment with London being particularly attractive with your sugar daddy.


Canada benefits from being next to the US, but their emphasis on finances and an economy that has produced its share of millionaires makes it a perfect place to find sugar daddies as well. The cities of Vancouver and Toronto are particularly attractive with the average sugar daddy being in his 40s which is quite young.


Austere Germany may not seem initially like the right country to find sugar daddies, but much like the UK their focus is in finances and bold economic opportunities which make places like Frankfort and Munich excellent places to find the right man of your dreams.

For those who are willing to move to a new country to find the right opportunities to meet sugar daddies, the five aforementioned nations offer great places to go.

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