What do Sugar Daddies Expect if They don't Expect Sex

At the beginning, you may think all sugar daddies want to have sex with sugar babies. But in fact, many sugar daddies don't even want sex! - Yes, this may surprise you, but let me explain: A lot of sugar daddies are looking for something else.

What Sugar Daddies Expect

Some sugar daddies have certain fetishes for something. I still remember that a 29-year-old gentleman used the best sugar daddy website to look for a sugar baby who would allow him to lick her feet and heels. He told me that he found a beautiful 22-year-old girl on a sugar daddy website. He paid her $200 every 30 minutes. Each time they were catching up in a private booth of a karaoke (you know those Asian-style karaoke bars where private booths are available) with background music on. She just allowed him to lick her feet and heels for half an hour, and made some quick cash.

Some sugar daddies only want foreplay. This may surprise you again, but a lot of sugar daddies just want foreplay & nothing else! A successful 36-year-old sugar daddy (Perth) told me that he had a sugar baby (a 21-year-old university student) who only did foreplay with him. They only did foreplay in his car twice a week, and he paid her big allowance for that as an ongoing arrangement. He said he had fun and she made some good money.

Some sugar daddies actually want his friends to see you! Again, another surprise. When you assume that all sugar daddies want their arrangements to be confidential, I'd like to let you know that some sugar daddies would pay sugar babies to attend events with them. Last year, a 55-year-old generous sugar daddy shared his experience with us: he had a 20-year-old sugar baby and her job was to attend many different social events with him! She was paid to go to fancy restaurants and attend luxury functions with the sugar daddy. All she had to do was to look pretty and turn up with the sugar daddy. The 55-year-old sugar daddy needed the validation from his friends who envied him for being able to date a much younger woman. And that was what he wanted - his friends assumed that he must be amazing in bed, yet in fact, he didn't even have sex with the sugar baby because he couldn't have an erection anymore.

Some sugar daddies have money to waste, so their expectations are just different. This may sound strange, as you may ask "Who has money to waste?" Well, probably you already know that in some countries, corruption is commonplace. For instance, a Chinese sugar daddy paid his sugar baby big allowance each time she went out with him - on a weekday, they went to have lunch together, went to the movies together and had some chit-chat together - and that was it! At the end of the day, he gave her $900 just for these activities. He didn't expect her to have sex with him because he wasn't spending his own money! Like I said earlier, he was using his power to spend someone else' money. Therefore, when the sugar baby told him that sex was not on the menu, he was okay with it.

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